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Let your child's imagination run wild with this handmade wood and acrylic playdough stamp set. This Montessori-inspired design offers a tactile learning experience in which your child can create scenes and stories all while learning the tracks of common animals.


The wooden grips are made with sanded poplar and are sealed with non-toxic sealant. The stamps are approximately 1.75 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, making them easy for small hands to grip and control.  Each stamp has the name and image of the track engraved on the top for quick reference.


**Each stamp is $5 unless 6 or more are purchased. If you purchase a set of 6 or more, the price drops to $4 each.


Tracks offered include:

- Beaver

- Bison

- Boar

- Bobcat

- Cougar

- Coyote

- Deer

- Elk

- Frog

- Moose

- Opossum

- Rabbit

- Raccoon

Playdough Stamps - Wildlife Tracks